Tea-Fueled Distractions of a Lazy Literatus


TeaCuplets: “Joseph Wesley Tea No. 3 Chinese Classic”

Let’s get the “dirty” outta the way.

I’m kinda drunk as I write this…today?

I needed a tea capper for an evening well spent.

Joseph Wesley was where I paid my black rent.


Chinese Classic Black was what grabbed my attention –

A flavor of which was beyond corporal mention.

I tasted sweetness, malt, and tannins galore,

All that I know is that I needed more.


It was one part Keemun and three parts Yunnan

But all that I know is…my heart will go on.

I thought I was free of Chinese black teas in turn

But after tasting this, my heart…doth yearn.

For more information on Chinese Classic Black, go HERE.