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TeakuTuesday!!!: “Geoffrey’s Folly”


Sep 7

News about TeaCuplets

To the whole whoppin’ eight of you who’ve tuned into this Tumblr page for my TeaCuplets entries, I thank you.


I have to put this poor, poetic pet to pasture. They weren’t what I thought they were going to be, nobody was reading them, and…they weren’t really that…good. That and I think vendors thought the same thing as well.

(I can count three tea vendors that refused to send samples - after they approached me! - after I told them they would be used as TeaCuplets fodder.)

As such, future teas will be featured/reviewed on my main tea site, www.steepstories.com.

As for this place. Well…I’ll think of something. In the meantime, it will remain a home of my #TeakuTuesdays posts.

Thanks for the reads.


TeaCuplets: Red Lodge Books & Tea “Leaf on the Wind”

I’m finally home from a trip through Montana,

A trek that was quick with nary a bandana.

All I have to show for it is bags full of loose tea.

A few wares bestowed by Family Robson to me.


The first one I decided to tear open was an herbal,

A category for infusions of which I’m rarely verbal.

But green rooibos was involved in this special case,

So lip service will be paid with all my “usual” haste.


The dry herbs smelled sweet with a tickle of spice,

Betraying gentleness amidst their greenery – nice!

Wintergreen danced with rooibos needles in vigor.

Sparse cardamom pods showed off zest and rigor.


On taste, it was honey followed by mint and fruit,

If spice was there, it was a gentle, patient brute.

In my pajamas, I sit with two teacups in sync,

I’m a leaf on the wind…watch how I drink.

For more information - or to buy - this tea, go HERE.

Aug 5
Smith’s Lord Bergamot,
Iced on a too-short lunch break.

Smith’s Lord Bergamot,
Iced on a too-short lunch break.

Teaku Tuesday!!!: Oolong on the Rocks

Last of the oolong.

Taiwanese roasted treasure.

A pint over ice.

The tea used: Temple Road Tea’s Tiger Monk

Teaku Tuesday!!!: Returning to the Ali Shan Well

An end-of-day steep

Of large leaf Ali Shan in

A Chewie chalice.

Teaku Tuesday!!!: J-TEA Bourbon Barrel Oolong

O’ bourbon barrel,

Adding further flavorful

Bite to this bouquet.

For more information on this tea, go HERE.

Jul 8

Teaku Tuesday!!!: Experimental Un-Roasted, Mid-Oxidized Large Leaf Ali Shan Oolong (courtesy of Norbu Tea)

Fruit-smelling large leaves, 

Unlike oolongs of brews past,

Steep with quite a fight. 

Jul 5

TeaCuplets: Tealet Golden Feather Tea Co. Paw’s Tips Green Tea

I met this unique man at WTE this year,

And he brandished a grin from ear to ear.

A new tea grower from the ol’ Golden State,

I wondered how well his teas would rate.


The leaves were long, twisty, and varied green.

Their aroma possessed a strange smoky lean.

I didn’t complain as I prepped a brew or three.

Smoked was a way I preferred a lot of my tea.


The tea brewed pale green with a roasty smell -

There was also a bit of fruit from what I could tell.

It reminded me of a Darjeeling or Taiwanese green,

Only with that mandatory North American glean.


This actually happened after I finished the brew,

There were leaves left for another steep or two.

Alas, they got wet amidst all my finagling.

So, I brewed up more for further caffeinating.

For more information, go HERE.


Jul 4

TeaCuplets (FREEDOM EDITION!!!): Tealet Onomea Tea Company KoKo Ki 2010 Black Tea

I could think of no other way to celebrate

The birth of this nation in a way, first-rate.

A Hawaiian black tea that was aged four years

Was awaiting cupping amidst silent cheers.


The leaves were dark and smelled of hot cocoa

With a toasty presence to make my mind loco.

It reminded me of a black from Li Shan, Taiwan,

Deceptive, curly leaves with a lot going on.


To the taste it was tropical, burly yet mild,

With a faint coffee kiss that quite beguiled.

There was a medicinal edge along for the ride,

Lending credence its to earned and aged pride.


As the morning of the 4th of July rolls along

No freedom in my cup would feel rather wrong.

Here’s to tea I would never throw off a harbor…uh…

I can’t think of more to say…so, God bless ‘Merica.

For more information, go HERE